Former Law Officer Turned Activist Held by Border Guards

Bradley Jardis, a former law enforcement officer turned activist was arrested on July 3, 2011, at the U.S. Border in Nogales, AZ.  Jarvis was detained when he exercised his first amendment rights and legally refused to answer some questions asked by Custom Guards.  After being cuffed and detained for about an hour, Jarvis was released. Jarvis gave an account of his detention in his blog. 

Editor’s Note: This story is intended as a report of Jardis’s experience alone and not construed as general legal advice endorsed by Resistance Report USA, nor is this story necessarily a predictor of the outcome of anyone detained by law enforcement.  E.g. we know of many instances in which people have been changed and held for long periods without having committed a crime.

Link to Jardis’s blog:

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