Voices for Creative Nonviolence issues URGENT Call to Action for Gaza Flotilla

Voices for Creative Nonviolence issued the following June 29, 2011 at 1:30 pm CDT

Hello Friends, we have two suggested Urgent Actions to support the Freedom Flotilla II.

Please take time out of your day to take at least one of the following actions:

1.) Please call Senator Kirk's office and encourage him to rethink his position regarding using US Navy forces to stop the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza. Instead, ask him to protect the flotilla so they can deliver aid and goodwill to the people of Gaza.

Contact Senator Kirk

Senator Wants US-Israeli Op Against Flotilla
June 29, 2011
Military.com | by Bryant Jordan

Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., says the United States should "make available all necessary special operations and naval support to the Israeli Navy to effectively disable flotilla vessels before they can pose a threat to Israeli coastal security or put Israeli lives at risk."

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2.) Midwest activists please call and e-mail the Greek Consulate in Chicago at (312) 335-3915 and tell them (in a civil manner): LET THE BOATS IN THE FREEDOM FLOTILLA SAIL! If you do not live in the Midwest you can find the nearest Greek Consulate by doing a search on Google.
You may also send them an e-mail using this link

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