Join the Resistance in October!


THE NATION--October, 2011, is shaping up to make history as the month with the most pervasive and simultaneous acts of resistance that the U.S. has ever seen.  Catholic Workers will be joining in acts of resistance in all four corners as well as the center of the United States.  

Actions that resist war and injustice are scheduled in Washington, DC. Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, New York City, and Portland.  Plus, new resistance and occupation actions are springing up daily.  

Some the sustained actions have already begun.  Check the individual web sites for specific details.  

Below are links to some:

National Catholic Worker Gathering Resistance
Creech Air Force Base
Las Vegas

SOA Watch Resistance Action
US Southern Command Center
Miami Florida

October 2011!
A sustained occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC to resist war and economic injustice.

Occupy Wall Street!
A sustained, non-violent occupation of Liberty Park on Wall Street, New York City

Occupy Chicago
A sustained, non-violent picket in front of the Federal Reserve, Chicago

Occupy Portland
A sustained, non-violent occupation at Waterfront near SW Ankeny and Naito Parkway, Portland

Occupy Boston
Facebook Page only:

Los Angeles
A sustained, non-violent occupation at Pershing Square, Los Angeles

And every place else!

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